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We Care Free Care
Offering free remote care for all in need

We are currently seeking registered medical professionals from the United States and United Kingdom to join our ranks.

Working with We Care Free Care is free and simple:

1: Register with WCFC via our DOC registration Portal

2: Donate Time via call credits according to your availability, Credits are then placed in a general pool to be distributed to our partner charities and organisations.

3: Login to your WCFC account via the DOC App or Online DOC Site

4: Wait for the call to save or change a person in needs life


We Care Free Care members that are GMC registered in the UK also have the opportunity to join our partner service, Doctors On Call (DOC).

DOC is a premium paid service, connecting members of the public with medical staff via a video chat platform. In return for offering their time and accepting calls, medical staff are compensated financially.

See for more information

We Care Free Care is a free service delivered and supported by the DOC platform and is subsidised by DOC Health Ltd.